Centbee wallet makes it easy for retailers to accept Bitcoin SV payments

Centbee is rolling out mechanisms for merchants to accept Bitcoin SV payments without exposure to cryptocurrency price volatility. The solution, called ScanPay, is a global payment system that will facilitate easy, fast and secure transactions and can be downloaded onto any Android or Apple smartphone or tablet.

We recognise the importance of settling transactions in the merchant’s local currency in order to limit their exposure to cryptocurrency price volatility. Centbee converts the local currency price to Bitcoin SV, and then immediately converts the Bitcoin SV received to local currency for day-end deposit to the merchant’s bank account.


  • Irrevocable –  Transactions are Immune to fraud
  • Safe – No address, credit card or bank account details are not disclosed
  • Extremely low cost – the customer pays a small transaction fee on every purchase, on average less than $0.01 per transaction, and merchants pay a small exchange fee to convert the Bitcoin SV to local currency



Centbee’s mission is to build an ecosystem for using Bitcoin SV that facilitates payments. The new ecosystem will reduce costs, enable new business models and create an open global economy.

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